The small, insignificant, and easily over-looked reveals God’s glory

– every teaching Jesus had about how God creates something glorious starts with something small. Never once did Jesus say the Kingdom of Heaven is like a Fortune 500 Company with super happy shareholders. It’s always something small, insignificant, easily over-looked…these are the things that reveal the glory of God. I mean, after all, in Corinthians Paul says that God’s strength is perfected in our weakness, yet so often we act like weakness is something to be ashamed of, to try and make up for, to try and pretend isn’t there.  — Nadia Bolz-Weber

Nadia’s Blog

When your day unfolds in such a manner that you need a somewhat harder core dose of reality, turn to Nadia.  Check out her blog and follow your way to her church and you may find yourself bathed in the wonder and joy of hard core truth.

When I read (and listened to) the above quoted statement that Nadia made I couldn’t help but to be struck about the pure TRUTH of it.  God reveals his glory in the small, insignificant and easily over-looked.  I think this is one reason why we’re so blessed to be witnesses to the unfolding truth of quantum physics.  As science manages to dive ever deeper into reality and examine the physical world at ever smaller and more insignificant levels, we find that majesty that reveals the glory of God! Particles that can only exist when they are being observed, things that exist in more than one place at the same time – not here, then there – but here AND there – at the same time!  Things that by their very physical nature defy the “laws” of physics that we human know-it-all’s have defined.

Listen to Nadia with an open mind and you might find yet another modern disciple carving out a new path to understanding our Lord and the Kingdom that he has established for us Here and Now.

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