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My Home Brewed World – The Big Question Part 2

Beer is an alcoholic beverage produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugar.  However, we can arrive at a much simpler view if we look at what it’s made of.. at the essence of the ingredients. Reinheitsgebot – The German (or Bavarian) Beer Purity Law of … Continue reading

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The big question

OK.  Maybe it’s not “The” big question.  But it’s certainly one of them. “Who are you?”  And it’s cousin… “Who am I?” I think that at some point in our lives everyone has to have been asked the former and asked … Continue reading

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Counting your Blessings

How often have I heard the term Blessing used? That’s a number I can’t count! When I hear the term the song Counting your Blessings from White Christmas immediately pops into my head. What exactly is it that I’m counting? … Continue reading

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Learning to Listen

I didn’t grow up in an atmosphere where prayer was talked about much.  It was expected that we did it as individuals, and we occasionally did it as a family, but there wasn’t much emphasis on it at all. In … Continue reading

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