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What’s in a title?

I’ve never been much of one for titles. I find that they can have a tendency to confine me. Yet, I understand that for you, a title might help to introduce me to you. For example, “Mr.” tells you I’m … Continue reading

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I Choose to Have Faith. I Also Choose the Faith That I Have.

Recently, a quote from something I wrote was posted by a friend on her Facebook wall. That quote was… “The smallest ripples generated by an act of faith will produce waves that can’t be ignored.” Someone else then posted this … Continue reading

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Paradox Validated

As I walked from the office to the train this evening my mind began to compose. This happens to me on a fairly frequent basis. Typically, my morning musings bear the fruit of more shareable ponderings, but tonight I feel … Continue reading

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All In (Part II)

I was recently asked to write an article for my church’s e-devotion series. I was assigned a theme. I was pretty surprised when I learned that the theme was “Go All In and Make Waves”. I’d written my original thoughts … Continue reading

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