Who am I?

It seems that every web site… certainly blogs… need to have an “about” page where the author describes himself.  Unfortunately for me, that can be pretty hard to do.  You see… I’ve yet to answer the age old question asked of every child as they mature…

What do you want to be/do when you grow up?

I guess…

I just want to be the person I am.

Easier said than done sometimes!

I enjoy imagining the possibilities…  I’m a bit of a dreamer…

I’m a seeker on a quest for enlightenment and the discovery of the meaning of all things.

I often fear that sharing what I’ve learned on my quest will only serve to mislead others about my motives and intent.  When I share my passion for this journey I try hard to be sure that others understand that I don’t believe I’ve got the answers to life’s big questions figured out. I don’t think anyone ever will.


There is a part of me that feels as if I’m getting ever closer…  Making small strides…

I’m working hard within my own mind to unravel the mysteries that are for me the most important questions I can contemplate.

  • Is “spirit” and “soul” the same thing?
  • Are humans special in a spiritual sense? Do we possess “soul” or “spirit” that no other creatures possess?
  • Which came first – our physical nature or our spiritual one?
  • If my spirit is eternal why do I need to spend time inhabiting a physical body?
  • What existed before the big bang?
  • If theoretical physics says that the universe began with the big bang.  Perhaps so.  What was there before that?
  • Can the concept of the infinite exist within the constraints of the finite?
  • Can I exist as both finite (physical) and infinite (spiritual) at the same time?
  • If Grace is a gift for everyone secured by Jesus’ death on the cross, is there something specific we need to believe to receive that grace?
  • What about those who never knew Jesus?
  • Or someone who knew, but rejected the message?
  • And what message were they getting?  That you need to repent or burn in Hell for ever?
  • Is Hell a place?
  • Is Heaven a place?
  • Are Heaven and Hell somewhere else?  Do I need to go somewhere else to be there?

These questions, and many more, both known and not yet known, are what I am about.  Know these questions – not the answers – and you know me.

For those who prefer…

I was born into this physical world on May 5, 1959 at a hospital in Fullerton California.  I was raised in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, by two loving parents who gave me the freedom to be whoever I was supposed to be.  I’ve had many jobs and a few occupations but find that none of that is relevant to who I am.  I’ve fathered three children and I count my blessings that I had the opportunity to experience the joy and frustration that being a parent can bring. I’ve willingly opened my soul to two step children and find that I’m enriched by the experience. I’ve given my love to a special woman and I choose to repeat the giving of that gift to her every day.

I can’t help but to seek wisdom… to explore the variable nature of reality and truth… and to extend a hand of love and friendship to any who would like to join me on my quest.

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