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5 Phrases I Think Christians Shouldn’t Say

Originally posted on Reluctant Xtian:
Sometimes I curse.  I don’t pepper my language liberally with curse words like people might pepper a house salad, but sometimes I curse. It surprises people to hear that pastors sometimes curse.  But really, that’s…

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Radical Inclusion Should Not Be Radical

In my most recent two posts I presented some snippets of ideas from Brian McLaren’s book The Secret Message of Jesus.  Those posts dealt with a touchy topic.  That is, considering the possibility that there may be limits to inclusion. … Continue reading

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If the kingdom of God were a symphony…

If the kingdom of God were a symphony, it would welcome anyone who had a desire to learn to play music — from tuba players to piccolo players, from violinists to percussionists. It would accept beginners and master musicians, wisely … Continue reading

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The Danger of Blind Inclusion

I heard it said recently that as a community of believers in the way of Jesus we should be prepared and willing to accept and include anyone into the community. However, I think it’s important and essential that our inclusion … Continue reading

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