What’s in a title?

I’ve never been much of one for titles. I find that they can have a tendency to confine me. Yet, I understand that for you, a title might help to introduce me to you. For example, “Mr.” tells you I’m male, and the title “Director” in the context of my day job would indicate that I’m a manager.

I write this blog in the context of my new title: Deacon.

When I completed my diaconal studies I was asked by my Pastor what my calling as a deacon would be.


I really had no idea. I’d not given it any thought at all. True, I’d completed 180 hours of classes. But I’d not really given much thought to the completion of the work. I signed up for the program because of the opportunity to deepen my understanding of what my faith was based on and why it mattered.

So I learned. I learned that being a Deacon is really about serving. Which certainly worked out well for me. I have always had something of a servants approach to life anyway.

So I confronted the questions. How can I serve in a more focused way? Through the process of trying to answer this question I stumbled into many more.

Who am I to serve? What’s the point of serving? What do I have to offer? Why me?

The answer to all of these questions is why I’m here. I don’t know the answer. I’m on a journey to seek answers. I began that journey alone many years ago.

My path of service is to share my journey and invite others to walk with me. After much contemplation I see this as my diaconal calling. I am called to shine a light on my journey and to offer up my experiences and thoughts to those who would join me, and to do so as honestly and transparently as possible.

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