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Last night the Monday night study group I’m in watched the movie Silence . The film takes place in 17th century, feudal Japan and is told from the point of view of a pair of Portuguese Jesuit priests (Sebastião Rodrigues … Continue reading

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Is this really His plan?

Another day, and another mass shooting (or more than one) hits the news.  In the wake of these senseless acts many are drawn to ask some very straight forward questions… How can a loving God fail to intervene and stop … Continue reading

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Radical Inclusion Should Not Be Radical

In my most recent two posts I presented some snippets of ideas from Brian McLaren’s book The Secret Message of Jesus.  Those posts dealt with a touchy topic.  That is, considering the possibility that there may be limits to inclusion. … Continue reading

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The small, insignificant, and easily over-looked reveals God’s glory

– every teaching Jesus had about how God creates something glorious starts with something small. Never once did Jesus say the Kingdom of Heaven is like a Fortune 500 Company with super happy shareholders. It’s always something small, insignificant, easily … Continue reading

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I Choose to Have Faith. I Also Choose the Faith That I Have.

Recently, a quote from something I wrote was posted by a friend on her Facebook wall. That quote was… “The smallest ripples generated by an act of faith will produce waves that can’t be ignored.” Someone else then posted this … Continue reading

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Paradox Validated

As I walked from the office to the train this evening my mind began to compose. This happens to me on a fairly frequent basis. Typically, my morning musings bear the fruit of more shareable ponderings, but tonight I feel … Continue reading

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All In (Part II)

I was recently asked to write an article for my church’s e-devotion series. I was assigned a theme. I was pretty surprised when I learned that the theme was “Go All In and Make Waves”. I’d written my original thoughts … Continue reading

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