A Plan for Pain?

I am taking this opportunity to ask for prayers before I jump into this topic.  My wife has arthritis in her spine and has recently been suffering excruciating and unrelenting pain caused by inflammation of the arthritic areas.

Those of you who know me well, know that I like to think of myself as a rational and logical person.  Faith has been difficult for me at times because of this.  Yet, the more I explore the reasons for my own doubts the more I encounter reality that eradicates those same doubts.

I believe that belief that is not shared is not really believed.  If I don’t have the courage to stand up and declare what I think and believe publically then I must have doubt.  I no longer doubt what I believe so I’m publicly declaring my belief in the power of prayer.

I ask for intercessory prayer on my wife’s behalf.   I ask that you join me in praying for intercession in her life that brings her comfort in place of pain.

I believe that it’s vitally important that we ask for prayer from others, and that we pray for others as well.  I will spend some time in the future sharing my thoughts about the mechanistics of the benefit of prayer.  I have many ideas that may seem rather odd and divergent from what people commonly think of.  However, I think it’s very important to note that end the end – while I may use very different language and concepts to discuss these things – we are talking about the same thing.

I think sharing prayer has an exponential effect.  Therefore I must spread the word and ask for as much prayer from as many people as possible to have the greatest effect.

Thank you!

Back to my original topic.

Is there a plan that includes our pain and suffering?

I think that the pain and suffering we experience in our lives is for our benefit.  One purpose that it serves is that through the experience of pain and suffering we have the opportunity to develop true compassion for the pain and suffering of others.

My wife is one of the most compassionate people I’ve ever met.   In fact, I’d say that she is the most compassionate.  When she enters a situation where someone is suffering, they are often drawn to her.  She speaks with them – mostly listening – and through that simple exchange and their presence together the suffering is relieved, at least to some degree.

I believe that my wife exudes and radiates an aura of relief from suffering because she has experienced so much suffering herself.  Her experience of pain and suffering has become a gift for others who seek relief from their own pain.

I’m eager to share my thoughts about the nature of how this can be.  I think that this world is entering a period where science, theology, philosophy and spirituality are going to find common understanding of our place within creation and the universe.  I think that through the exploration of these topics we will find new ways of understanding our place in the world.

More to come.

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