Reframing Jesus – what a wild ride!

So, looking back, we’ve tried to understand our global crises. We’ve consolidated various lists into a model of human society as a machine with three subsystems or mechanisms — prosperity, equity, and security. We have situated this societal machine within the ecosystem of Earth, and we have understood it to be driven by a dominant framing story in which many narratives or subplots nest and interact. And we have raised the possibility that Jesus’ message might be seen as an alternative framing story that, if believed, could save the system from suicide. To test this possibility, we will need to consider the possibility that “Jesus” as we have understood him has himself been domesticated and made part of the dominant framing story. For Jesus to save the system, we must first, in a sense, save Jesus — by reframing him outside the confines of our dominant and largely unquestioned assumptions.

Brian D. McLaren
Everything Must Change
When the World’s Biggest Problems and Jesus’ Good News Collide

Amazing stuff!

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